Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant)

Hoya bella, Waxflower or miniature wax plant (Hoya lanceolata bella) has long been a favorite trailing plant for gardens or indoor spaces that have high humidity. It's a pretty plant, with star-shaped white wax-like flowers centered with a rose pink colored mini flower within a flower. For those who don't much like tending to plants, this is a fairly low-maintenance choice that should please.


  1. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 1
    Purchase the plant. Hoya Bella should be available from your nursery or garden center. If not, the plant can be purchased online.
    • You can grow this plant from a cutting. Take herbaceous or woody stem cuttings in the summer. It will produce roots fairly quickly.
    1. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 2
      Select a container. This plant is a tropical or a tender perennial and is best kept in a container for bringing inside during harsh winter months. Hanging baskets are an ideal container for Hoya bella.

      • If grown outdoors in the garden, the plant will need support (such as a trellis or climbing fence) and you need to live in a year-round warm climate. It can be grown well against a wind-sheltered fence that gets plenty of light.

    2. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 3
      Use quality soil which retains moisture. The soil must drain well but stay moist in between waterings.

      • To increase the drainage quality of a potting soil, add sand, grit or charcoal.
      • This plant will tolerate mildly acidic to neutral soils.
    3. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 4
      Place the plant in a position with bright light. It will also need high humidity.
    4. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 5

      Water moderately during spring to autumn (fall). Water sparingly during winter.

      • Use a mist sprayer during the warmer months, to increase the humidity.
      • Do not over water.
    5. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 6
      Fertilize. Use tomato fertilizer, orchid fertilizer or a fertilizer with 18-18-18 every other week during spring to autumn months. Do not fertilize during winter.
    6. Grow Hoya Bella (Miniature Wax Plant) Step 7
      Prune sparingly. Too much pruning can inhibit blooming. Remove dead flower heads and scraggly bits but not much else.


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